Our key business activity is designing and producing all types of rudders.

Working closely with our customers we are able to integrate their preferences in our designs. In most cases our customer knows exactly which type of rudder is acquired, and if there is any doubt we can assist in making the right choice with all things considered.

We are equipped to design and build all types of rudders each with their different characteristics and maneuverability performance.

One of our latest design features is a sophisticated iws system which makes it very easy for our technicians to check the neck-bearing clearance and locking off the nut.

Our rudder types are;

Benes Balance rudder

Balance rudders

Benes Slim profile balance rudders (BGL Benes GreenLine)

Slim profile balance rudders (BGL Benes GreenLine)

Benes fishtail rudder

Fishtail rudders

Benes flaprudder

Flap rudders

Benes Slim profile flaprudder

Slim Profile Flap rudders

Benes Bulbrudder

Bulb rudders

Benes twisted trailing edge rudder

Twisted trailing edge rudders

Benes leading edge rudder

Twisted leading edge rudders

Benes sailing yacht rudder
Benes Mega yacht rudder

Special Sailing- and Mega Yacht rudders

Benes Green Label rudder

Green label rudders